Not your mother’s TV

By paying 100 million dollars and using its collected viewing information, Netflix is showing us what TV will look in a few years. The “produced for Netflix” series House of Cards shows what companies like Netflix are now capable of. They can give the classical broadcasters a run for their money.

But Netflix isn’t the only company that can do this –

In the same way that Netflix can collect information on viewers favorite actors, filmmakers and scenes – so could Apple – using the Apple TV. Apple can see which films are being rented and if they are streamed – where the viewer pauses or rewinds. So what is to stop them taking the same path as Netflix? Apple would also have the cash and the ties into the studios to be able to acquire the necessary “resources”. Apple already broadcasts its own “global” content – once a year they broadcast the iTunes Festival – a month long series of live concerts. The next logical step would be to start adding their own additional – and exclusive – content.

This space is about to get very interesting.

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